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What We Do

The TOLI Center East – Overview

TOLI risk management should be differentiated from custodial care administration. TOLI is generally described as a low risk investment but it requires attentive annual monitoring to identify changes in trust objectives and adverse policy performance, especially if the trustee accepted an indeterminate flexible premium non-guaranteed death benefit policy.

A trustee must demonstrate defensible product suitability decisions based on credible policy performance reporting. Fiduciary conduct is measured against a process standard, not a performance standard. As a result, a TOLI fiduciary must demonstrate a prudent risk identification and mitigation process to avoid breach of trust allegations.

We understand the policy reporting, portfolio management, systems integration, regulatory compliance, and privacy needs of corporate and professional trustees. Establishment of a cost-efficient “best practice” TOLI risk management process requires a service platform that can accommodate changing risk management standards and increased informational reporting and communication to trust parties.

The TOLI Center East was formed in 2011 with the intent of accomplishing 2 objectives.

1. Provide continuing education credits to CPA’s and Attorney’s,  along with published articles in professional journals. Advocating the importance of evaluating the performance of a client’s individually owned or Trust Owned Life Insurance.

2. Provide the individual owner or the amateur trustee, with information for them to make an informed decision as to whether their existing premium dollars are being used in the most efficient manner to maximize their existing life Insurance portfolio.

Within a 5 year period in  Dec 2016, a book containing much of our research and advice was published by the American Bar Association in a Flagship book titled “The Advisors’ and Trustees’ Guide to Managing Risk”.


What our clients think

Henry Montag gives new meaning to being a knowledgeable representative of what is best in insurance protection for you and your loved ones. A man of his word—his character is stellar and his breadth of understanding of an individual’s needs enormous. If you have found Henry Montag, your search is over for an insurance professional for you, your business, and your family.

Barbara Gordon, NY, NY

We are thankful to Henry Montag for his experience and expertise. Henry was able to combine my parent’s life insurance policy’s cash value which resulted in doubling her death benefit as well as significantly reducing her current premium. Doing so afforded her the ability to purchase a long-term care insurance policy with the premium savings. Henry you’re the best!

Richard and Mafalda Rutherford, Queens, NY

It was our good fortune to be referred to you by our elder attorney. We would like to express our gratitude for your expertise and professionalism in response to our dilemma. You addressed our concerns in layman’s language, precisely, politely and succinctly. It was enlightening to hear your experienced evaluation and recommendation for an informed contact which greatly resolved our financial crisis.

Dorothy and Nicholas Muratore

Client Contracting

Each client relationship is based on a contracting process that confirms due diligence disclosure information, risk management guidelines, and report communication.

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