Henry Montag

Henry Montag

Henry Montag is an Independent Certified Financial Planner in practice since 1976 with offices in Long Island and New York. He is a principal of The TOLI Center East, which provides independent fee-based performance evaluation for private trustees, family offices, their advisers and institutional trustees. The intent being to analyze the performance of a client’s existing privately owned and or trust-owned life Insurance portfolio, so as to protect, monitor and maximize current benefits and assets earmarked for the next generation.

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About The Toli Center East

The TOLI Center East is a fee-based life insurance consulting and policy administration firm specializing with Trust-Owned Life Insurance (TOLI) policies.  Our clients are legal and tax advisors to policy owners, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) trustees, grantors and beneficiaries, and Family Offices who lack life insurance product and policy evaluation expertise.  

Life insurance is a ‘buy-and-manage’ financial asset typically purchased for a 10 to 50-year duration period.  Life insurance carriers and their contracted sales agents provide the ‘buy’ function but the ‘manage’ function is missing unless the policy owner or trustee delegates this function to a qualified third-party provider.  The TOLI Center East platform provides the missing annual policy administration, performance monitoring and risk management services necessary to safeguard the interests of the policy owner.

There is a lapsing life insurance policy crisis due to inattention.  Life insurance, no different from fixed income and equity investments, requires attentive performance monitoring.  While policy management should be considered at the time of policy purchase, credible evaluation can be implemented at any time to avoid lapse and protect the policy’s death benefit liquidity purpose.     

The TOLI Center East specializes with TOLI.  Most unskilled amateur ILIT trustees serve as an accommodation to the grantor.  They are unaware of their fiduciary duties and lack both life insurance product expertise and credible policy evaluation capabilities.  Hence, The TOLI Center East is engaged by the trustee and can communicate with the grantor’s legal and tax advisors to assure the TOLI policy (ies) are managed to maximize the probability of a favorable outcome to the trust estate.